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The Industry's Premier Financial Publisher Network

The Financial Industry's best performing publisher network, managed by uber-experienced industry marketing experts with billions (yes, billions) of emails sent and hundreds of millions in financial product sales.

The Max network uses relationships, technology, and data; generating traffic and leads on a massive level.

Solving the 4 BIGGEST CHALLENGES to business growth

Challenge #1 | Revenue

What good is an engaged audience if you aren’t monetizing it properly?

Your company’s product sales must absorb production and fulfillment costs, advertising and marketing expenses, and customer service and merchant fees. Monetizing your audience optimally means expanding your product and service offerings to 3rd party advertisements and products. Additional revenue (and audience engagement) can be reinvested into growing your audience with new, highly engaged prospects, leading to growth in future product sales.

FinPub Max Financial Network members can leverage our full range of programs including newsletter, CPM and CPC monetization, influencer packages, and our affiliate cross-marketing revenue share opportunities. We can even create the programs and manage them for you.

Challenge #2 | Marketing

What good is a great trading product or service if no one buys it?

Understanding how to price, promote and deliver your products and services is key to long term growth. Unlocking the secret to high conversion rates and strong ROI on advertising spends is the single most important element to growing sales, because it allows a company to pour fuel on the proverbial fire.

Max Network members receive monthly marketing consultation to optimize your offers and dial in the winning formula, creating a synergy with our FinPub services to create high converting offers, improve your brand image and take your sales to the next level and beyond.

Challenge #3 | Exposure

What good is great marketing if no one ever sees it?

Exposure for your brand and offers can come in many forms, and FinPub Max Network members gain exposure in ways even the biggest publishers in the financial space envy. The Max Network is built on the premise of partner co-marketing, one of the fastest growing and most successful forms of advertising exposure. FinPub programs include the Max email swap network, collaborative events, joint educational offers, and our very own affiliate product network. Our zero cost programs lead generation, product sales, and branding exposure across financial industry specific audiences. FinPub’s paid programs include CPC and CPM advertising options, while FinPub provides SEM and SEO services at a value.

Challenge #4 | Resources

What good is a great idea if you don’t have the right people to make it successful?

A financial publisher needs staff out the wazoo in order to become a large business – everything from copywriters to a video production team, from IT developers to search engine marketers. In most cases hiring full time staff is a big leap as many of those jobs begin as part time needs. Using an agency comes with massive costs and large commitments. Staff expansion, in turn, often is a costly and time sucking element that stunts growth.

FinPub Solutions addresses the resource dilemma by providing low-cost resource support with financial industry expertise, all at outrageously low hourly rates. FinPub Max Network customers receive up to a $9,600 FinPub credit per year to use however they want.

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The Ultimate Financial Network for Advertisers

At FinPub our financial industry experts have been part of some of the biggest and most successful marketing campaigns in the financial industry for over a decade. We have sent billions of emails (yes, billions) and helped sell hundreds of millions of dollars in products.

We understand ROI metrics, A/B testing, and just about every aspect of financial marketing on a level unparalleled by anyone in the industry and we bring that knowledge and experience to the FinPub Max Financial Email Marketing Network.

The Max Email Network offers advertisers targeted trader and investor lists that have opted-in for financial information, running the gamut from stocks to futures, daytrading to options trading. Our network’s lists are highly engaged financial publishers that provide regular content to their subscribers. These are not lists compiled from data companies. They are active traders and investors looking for actionable advice, products and services.

Our network is several million subscribers strong with over 85% U.S. based subscribers. List demographics vary, but are primarily 35-60 years old, $100k+ income homes with 2 or more trading accounts.

You can access the network with dedicated emails on a low cost-per-click (CPC) or cost per thousand emails (CPM). Alternatively you can advertise in several content newsletters with in-newsletter ads on a CPC basis.

FinPub Max also produces regular joint events and ebooks which offer unique sponsorship opportunities not available anywhere else.

You can access the network with dedicated emails on a low cost-per-click (CPC) or cost per thousand emails (CPM). Alternatively you can advertise in several content newsletters with in-newsletter ads on a CPC basis.

Once you are an approved advertiser you will have access to our network list profiles, pricing and availability.

Learn more and receive a custom-tailored plan for your specific needs by scheduling an appointment with an advertising specialist at FinPub Max today.